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Last weekend I had the absolute honour of playing in the first ever Granite City Fight Hawks game!
I got to skate alongside skaters I had mentored through freshmeat. Going from Bambi to bouting.
I felt like a proud mother hen!
I adore mentoring fresh meat. Our girls have a fantastic attitude and just give it their all. Other fresh meats may be the same, they probably are, there’s a lot of good people in the derbyverse, I just only have first hand knowledge of ours. I remember seeing skaters struggle to even stand and in what seems like weeks, what often is weeks, they’re casually derby stopping and doing apex jumps like it’s no big deal.
I take precisely zero credit for these skaters being amazing.  That is wholey down to a combination of our excellent fresh meat program and their sheer hardwork and determination.


True fact; when regaling the townspeople of our maiden game (i.e. boring people at work, telling boyfriend over and over), I often had tears in my eyes.
There were points on track where I was practically applauding my own team on their mad skills. ‘Yeah you do that offence!’
I don’t have small humans of my own but I imagine that this must be similar to watching your kid go from falling on their face on sports day in playgroup to casually winning gold in the Olympics. Am I exaggerating? Possibly. Possibly not.